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Basiswissen und Informationen

Wir liefern objektive Informationen und kompetentes Wissen über die Akkreditierung und die Akkreditierungsnormen!

Jede Akkreditierung beginnt mit dem ersten Schritt!

Most people understand the benefits of accreditation. But for many, this is like a barely surmountable jungle of standards and requirements.

How and where to start How long will it all take? Who knows the safest route to the destination? And how can you best prepare for it?

The answer is: With understandable, up-to-date information. Preferably in the form of our free starter set!

On the way to accreditation, this set represents something like your “base camp”. It gives you the necessary overview, forms a valuable basis for decision-making for your accreditation and at the same time provides the basic equipment for a smooth project start.

Our starter set contains:

  • an e-book on the subject of “basic knowledge of the accreditation standards”
  • an e-book on “accreditation” with numerous facts
  • a project plan with defined project steps up to receipt of the accreditation notification
  • a process overview of the standards ISO / IEC 17020, ISO / IEC 17025 and ISO 15189
  • the 10 milestones of each accreditation project

In sum, all of this information will help you:

  • recognize the individual steps or milestones up to accreditation,
  • plan the necessary time and human resources for this,
  • find out what costs are involved and
  • to recognize what options you have for processing.

Benefit from the fact that, with the help of our starter set, you can divide the large project “accreditation” into manageable, plannable and, above all, manageable sub-steps.

Der Weg zur Akkreditierung erfordert Normwissen

  • ISO 17025
  • ISO 17020
  • ISO 15189
  • Accreditation

The quick and safe route to accreditation requires one thing above all: a good general knowledge of the standards that are relevant for your company. The international ISO standards 17020, 17025 and 15189 form the framework for the management system that is necessary for accreditation.

So far, so clear. However, due to the universal formulation of the standard requirements, there is a lot of room for interpretation for your own company. This allows a certain degree of freedom, but often also leads to great uncertainty. Because in many cases it is regulated what has to be done. The “how” sometimes remains unclear. Together with our experts, you can quickly clear this knowledge gap out of the way. Accreditation bodies (DAkks, SAS, AA etc.) and international accreditation associations (ILAC, EA etc.) publish guidelines and binding requirements, which our experts explain and bring you closer to in detail.This is important not only for companies that are applying for accreditation for the first time, but also for everyone who has regular audits. Because only,
In our knowledge platform, in addition to free content for our subscribers and customers, we also offer premium content with in-depth analyzes and explanations.

Aktuelle Blogs

In the blog, in the podcast and in videos, we explain relevant and current topics in an easily understandable way.


We regularly check the institutions listed below to see whether their national and international guidelines have been updated or changed. If that is the case, we will give you an insight into all the details that will change for you as a result in our blog, podcast, video channel and monthly newsletter.

Your advantage: you always stay up to date. This means that there are no unpleasant surprises during the next audit.

We provide you with a list of the most important currently valid guidelines free of charge.

  • ILAC
  • EA
  • DAkks
  • Accreditation Austria
  • SAS


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Wir haben die Antworten auf Ihre Fragen

Wo gibt es Informationen dazu?

In unserer Wissensplattform stellen wir Informationen über die Anforderungen der Normen und er Akkreditierung bereit. Dazu interpretieren wir die Leitfäden zur Akkreditierung aus und berichten über aktuelle Entwicklungen.

Was steht in der Norm?

Die Akkreditierungsnormen definieren die Anforderungen an die Kompetenz, die Qualität und den Betrieb von Prüflaboratorien (ISO/IEC 17025) oder Inspektionsstellen (ISO/IEC 17020) oder medizinischen Labors (ISO 15189). Die Normen enthalten Anforderungen an die technische Kompetenz und Anforderungen an das Managementsystem. Die Anforderungen müssen für die Erlangung der Akkreditierung im Unternehmen umgesetzt werden.

Auf welchen Webseiten kann ich mich informieren?

In erster Linie auf Internationale Akkreditierungsinstitutionen, wie die ILAC oder EA oder APLAC und die nationalen Akkreditierungsstellen bieten Informationen auf deren Websites an. Die Links zu den Akkreditierungsstellen finden sie hier